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So, I know I'm like ten years late but I just discovered deviantart.com

I spent hours just wading through all the "apollo" entries.


"There Will Be Blood"

Spolier Alert! Do not read beyond this if you don't want some spoils!

I went into the movie theater this Saturday not knowing a thing about this movie. I'm writing this not having read any reviews although I know that the Metacritic score is in the 90s. Half way through the movie I turned to Brian to ask: "What's this movie about?" And not knowing how long the movie was I found myself thinking how lengthy it felt. We all agreed that the cinematography and acting was great but the story was not compelling. The Abel and Cain thing kept coming up but I just felt the movie didn't do anything. It's a completely forgettable movie. The most memorable thing was the Cain and Able theme:

1. Paul and Eli
2. Daniel slays his "brother"
3. Paul's father is named Abel
4. Daniel slays (martyrs?) Paul

Why did it get such praise? Am I missing something completely obvious? Was it the mood? It was certainly moody.
Hillary's Lowest Moment

... at 3:51 and after...

Edit: After thinking about this for a while it occurs this might be a little unfair to Hillary... it strikes me as one of those occurrences were we non-whites read something racial that was probably not there... knowwhatimean?

Congratulations Mr. Obama

Good luck Obama! I hope this luck continues, I'm excited.
In an earlier post I mentioned I was on the market for a desk. I have a place for the desk behind the couch (and facing the television). The idea was floated that I should make the desk myself and while this is attractive, it is not that much of a savings. Also, I have not been able to find the desk legs I want. So I now have three choices:

1. West Elm's Remsen Desk at $299 with no shipping since there is a local store. I like this desk, I wouldn't mind getting it but I can't help thinking it looks sort of disposable.

2. Room and Board's Basis Desk at $899 with a hefty shipping cost since the nearest store is in NYC. This is my favorite but the price and shipping make me think twice about buying it. I considered saving up for it but that would mean I'd be a year without a desk. This is a beautiful desk though, just beautiful.

3. Muji's Ash Desktop and Gray Desk Legs Desk at $330 with like $20 for shipping. This is a distant cousin of the Basis Desk, I don't like it anywhere near as much as the Basis though. Although, all things considered, this desk is about 1/4 of the price of that desk (including shipping). I'm leaning for this option unless I can be convinced to drop a grand on a sexy sexy sexy desk.
Due to the trip to California last week my sleep pattern is still disturbed. Yesterday I forced myself to sleep around 11:30 because I had to work the next day. Today, as I walked to the bus I could tell that it was going to be a lonely commute. As I got on the bus it was only about a quarter full, seats were plentiful, on a regular day it's standing room only. I made it to work and there seem to be no supervisors and very few others. It's weird thinking that entire sections of downtown are closed, it's creepily quiet and no one was rushing anywhere. I have some work to do but I don't feel like doing it...
I'm such a fucking Taurus, I WANT things. Material possessions bring me happiness. We sort of had an early Christmas here and opened our presents already, here's what I got:
New jacket and sweater:
Cool new shoes:

But this bounty doesn't stop me, next on my list is a new record player, a hot desk and some nice pants. I have an idea for the desk and the pants:


Yesterday's New York Times had this woman on the front page:

"A Kurdish woman and a girl bake bread at their makeshift home, a stadium in Kirkuk, Iraq."

As much as I tried to concentrate on the article I kept looking at the picture. She reminds me of a goddess, Demeter, yes, defiantly definitely Demeter.

This post has been guilty of romanticizing the Kurds.

Bureau of Happiness

I'm knocking on wood every chance I get because I'm really happy. Even the small little things that were bothering my head are gone. It's amazing to me how sometimes I can psych myself out and get in a funk... but it's all gone. Even this gloomy day seems so full of possibilities.

Planned Madness

I took the S2 bus after work. The bus passed by the Planned Parenthood (PP) headquarters and a woman was engaging some protestors in front of PP. She would not only shout, she would punctuate her screams with slaps. I only caught a couple of slaps. The original video is much better, YouTube pixelates it. Being on the bus, I didn't get the sounds... Anyway, here it is and it made me ashamed of being pro-choice. I mean, no matter how frustrated you get, to resort to violence means you've already lost the argument. El que se enoja, pierde.